Relax, let your kids be kids!

Am dat zilele trecute peste un text bine scris, autentic inca vreo suta de mii de ani de acum inainte, pe care-mi permit sa-l reiau integral mai jos, ca o confirmare pentru toti parintii din lumea asta care-si inchipuie ca fac ceva gresit sau ca ai lor copii au luat-o pe cai gresite.

Dragi parinti, reiterez si eu: copiii tipa si se bat si lovesc si asta e pefect normal. Chiar si pentru fetite! J Copiii se murdaresc adesea si nu e nimic rau in asta. Copiii nu vor sau nu stiu sa fie amabili si e ok si asta. Copiii bat uneori din picior, over and over again, si asta nu face din ei niste mici extraterestri si nici nu garanteaza ca vor fi niste adolescenti rebeli sau niste delicventi juvenili. Copiii nu sunt de cele mai multe ori generosi si nu vor sa-si imparta jucariile si asta nu e nicio noutate si niciun capat de tara. Au si ei emotii si frici, la fel de puternice ca ale noastre, o personalitate croita cam la fel si, de cele mai multe ori, singura diferenta dintre noi ca adulti si ei, este statura. Relax, let your kids be kids!

I wish our society would allow kids to be kids. Kids get in trouble. Kids do mischievous things. Boys like to play war games at Target, at church, at the breakfast table using waffles as weapons. Kids ride grocery carts down the aisle. Toddlers touch stuff and crawl places they’re not supposed to. Kids like dirt and mud and gross stuff. Good.

Leave It To Beaver was built around the premise that little kids get in trouble all the time. So if you got the call from school that your son was wrestling with another kid inappropriately, you’re not a bad Mom and your child isn’t destined for jail. If your daughter broke something in the basement and then lied about it or blamed her sister, then she can join the other 1.4 billion people on the planet who’ve done the same thing. Instead of being shocked that your kids occasionally mess up, be shocked when they don’t!

(I hate that I have to say this, but I’m not talking about kids being violent or destructive. I am not excusing bad behavior. Our society sometimes CREATES drama and issues over things that simply aren’t that big a deal. It’s our anxiety as parents magnifying things. We did things as kids that would have freaked parents out today. And yet we grew up to be respectful, responsible citizens! Relax, let your kids be kids.)

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