Recomandarea saptamanii: Kids Needs Roots and Wings, Larry Cohen

Asa, de 8 martie, un cadou frumos :).

60 de secunde, atat dureaza videoclipul de mai jos, pe care vi-l recomand cu toata caldura. 60 de secunde si atat de multa intelepciune, impartasita atat de firesc si de cald, incat parca te-ntrebi cu stupoare cum de nu te-ai gandit la asta pana acum.

Every child needs what I would call roots and wings. So they need a sense of being rooted and the community having a strong sense of connection with the family and the bigger world, and they need wings to fly and explore and discover. And I think in our society we tend to be better at giving the roots part to girls and the wings part to boys. We encourage boys to be active and explore, and we encourage girls to be cozy and cuddling. And so we need to do a little bit of extra work, so that all of our children can have roots and wings. So that we spend time with boys reading them bedtime stories and cuddling them, and letting them have their fears, and we spend time with girls saying: ”You go and climb that mountain and show how strong and tough you are. 

PS: Il am de la Otilia, evident :), i-am dat deja share pe Facebook, dar m-am gadit ca nu strica sa-l pun si aici.


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