Din nou despre parinteala

Cum altfel, decat de la parinti? Scriam acum ceva vreme despre cum vede un tatic meseria de parinte. Va invitam sa-i cititi parerea, dar si comentariile la articlul cu pricina, comentarii pe care le-am preluat si eu, in mare parte. Ce n-am scris atunci si reiau acum, cumva privit din alt unghi, dar la fel de inspiring si demne de notat undeva, si de recitit, candva.

  1. “It’s difficult to explain children to people who don’t yet have children, because becoming a parent is an intensely personal experience. Every child is different. Every parent is different. Every culture has their own way of doing things. The experience is fundamentally different for every new parent in the world, yet children are the one universally shared thing that binds our giant collective chain letter of human beings together, regardless of nationality and language.” Foarte adevarat. Sunt aproape doi ani de cand am revenit in campul muncii, de cand sunt mamica lucratoare, si inca ma mai intreaba lumea cum e. Nu am raspuns pentru aceasta intrebare, cel putin nu unul pe care-l priceapa cei din jur. Asta pentru ca majoritatea celor din jurul meu, nu poseda niciuna bucata copil propriu. Si deci nu au cum sa inteleaga. Nu-i condamn, nici eu nu aveam nici cea mai vaga idee despre cum se poate schimba radical totul, atunci cand devii parinte.
  2. Babies, whatever, sure, they’re super cute on calendars, just like puppies and kittens.” Cam asta gandea si taticul cu pricina. Apoi, continua: “Then I had a baby. I wouldn’t just throw myself under a bus for my baby; I’d happily throw my wife under that bus too – without the slightest hesitation. What the hell just happened to me?”
  3. “Children give the first four years of your life back to you.” Cel putin 4 ani, as adauga.
  4. “I’ve tried to explain parenting to my single friends like this: “You are aware of the price you’re going to have to pay before you pay it, sleepless nights, constant worry, no personal time, etc . . . however the REALITY of the price you pay is staggering! Constant exhaustion, literally ZERO time for yourself, high blood pressure form constant dread that they are ok, will be ok, still ok . . . still ok even now …”
  5. “I liken it to seeing the world in color. You can tell all your child-less monochromatic friends how wonderful and rich the blue sky and green grass are, but unable in their black-and-white world to even imagine what you’re talking about, they say “uh, sure, sounds nice”. Pana cand ajung si ei acolo, nu? 🙂
  6. “Having a child is a lot like running a marathon. An incredible challenge, but a worthwhile and transformative experience. We moved out of a self-center adulthood to find someone that we love more than ourselves. This is a good thing, it makes us better people.” I couldn’t agree more, asta e partea cea mai uimitoare din treaba asta cu copiii: o data ce-i ai, devii mai bun. Copiii te fac un om mai bun, te fac sa-ti doresti mai multe, sa-ti doresti sa fii sanatos si sa traiesti mult, bine, pentru ei, cu ei, mereu alaturi de ei. Sau cel putin asta simt ca mi s-a intamplat mie.
  7. “When you have your first child, you say to yourself  <<Wow, what did I do with all that free time I hade when I didn’t have any children?>>,  because your days are now filled with taking care of your baby. But when you have your second child, you say to yourself  <<Wow, what did I do with all that free time when I only hade one kid?>>, because you realize you actually still had a lot of free time with only one kid”. Sau despre cat de flexibila e fiinta umana. Te obisnuiesti cu toate, iti faci timp pentru toate, chiar si cei mai dezorganizati din fire. Mie daca mi-ar fi spus cineva cum si cat voi dormi timp de 3 ani, i-as fi spus ca-i moarte sigura asta in cazul meu. Iata ca viata bate filmul, din nou. 🙂

Si o concluzie, cu care rezonez intru totul:

“You form ideas about what love is, its borders and boundaries. Then you have a child, look up to the sky, and suddenly understand that those bright dots in the sky are whole other galaxies. You realize that what you thought you saw before as love, was just the shadow cast from the real thing.”


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